Ball in the House

Following in the path of classic harmony groups like Boyz II Men, The Temptations, and Take 6, while incorporating the pop and neo-soul influence of artists like Bruno Mars, Daft Punk, and Pharrell Williams, five member veteran vocal band, Ball in the House, will move audiences with their music.

With their extensive tour schedule (averaging 200 dates a year), Ball in the House reaches millions and is arguably one of the hardest working, most successful indie bands today. Over the years, they have performed with several artists including The Beach Boys, Gladys Knight, Kool & the Gang, KC & The Sunshine Band, Jessica Simpson, and Smokey Robinson.

A review from the Boston Globe put it very succinctly - "Ball in the House has everything you would expect to find in a successful pop/rock band....the one thing it doesn't have is instruments."

Wallace Thomas

Photo of Wallace Thomas
I was born and raised in The Sunshine State! Jacksonville, Florida to be exact. Coming from two musical parents, it was only right I follow suit early on. Being the great parents they are, they nurtured my gift and I began taking piano and voice lessons in elementary. I turned my focus solely to singing in high school (Douglas Anderson S.O.T.A.) where I participated in All-State choirs, Solo and Ensemble competitions, and got the opportunity to sing overseas in Europe.
After graduation I went on to major in music at Florida State University (Go Noles!). That’s where I was introduced to a capella music. I joined an upstart all-male a capella group, Reverb (who are doing great things all these years later!), and fell in love with it. We’d go on to perform around Tallahassee and compete in events like SOJAM and ICCA.
I tried many different professions once I left college. The most noteworthy is my time in the Air Force. There I learned to be a true leader, and to always aim high! Once my service was over, I settled down with my wife in West Palm Beach, Fl. and continued singing and performing wherever I was able; whether as a cantor for local churches, or as a crooner for local restaurants and nightclubs. I happened upon BitH one day looking for more prominent singing opportunities. I must say, opportunities don’t get much more prominent than this.
Oh yeah! One more thing:

OW OW! OLE!!!!!

Montario 'Monty' HIll

Photo of Montario 'Monty' HIll

I grew up in the farmlands of Chaptico, Maryland. A place where I would sing and play my trumpet as loud as I wanted to….much to the dismay of my 7 siblings. I was involved in band and chorus during my elementary and middle school years. While attending Chopticon High School, my love for vocal music increased under the direction of Patty Kuzmick. I took 3 choral classes during my senior year. I was also introduced to the world of musical theatre.


I went on to receive a full academic and music scholarship to Morgan State University, where I studied vocal music with a concentration in musical theater. I toured the world with the amazing Morgan State University Choir under the direction of Dr. Nathan Carter. After receiving two degrees from Morgan State in vocal performance and education, I decided to return to my roots in southern Maryland.


I taught choral music at Great Mills High School and coached several a cappella groups at my alma mater, Chopticon. I soon yearned to be in an a cappella group myself. I moved to the DC area and discovered a very accomplished group of musicians in an ensemble called Vox Pop. Our 9 person group went on to open for Afro Blue, headline several local concerts, and record a full length album entitled Mandate. Vox Pop gave me all of the tools and knowledge to be where I am today. A very excited member of this awesome family, Ball In The House. I look forward to making fantastic music and memories with these gentlemen. We all share the same love and care for our passion which is music. This is my dream come true…

Dave Guisti

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I was born and raised in Dorchester, Massachusetts, and my love for music started in the first grade. I was in the play Pinocchio, where I sang my first solo, "I Got No Strings." I was hooked.

I attended the Boston Boys Choir from 5th to 8th grade where we sang in church everyday. We also took piano lessons and learned music theory. That is when I first met Jon J. We both grew up in Dorchester and often traveled to and from the choir school together on the M.B.T.A.

After performing in many musicals during my junior and senior years of High School, I attended Berklee College of Music. I was a vocal performance major.

I went on to be the musical director at St. Ambrose Parrish in Dorchester, MA. There, I was cantor, director of a children's choir, and performed with the Spanish choir. My time there was one of the best times of my life. I met up with Jon shortly after being at St. Ambrose, and the rest is history. I have been with Ball in the House for many years now. I am still very passionate about what we do. Through our outreach with students, we are able to share all that we have learned throughout our lives with them, hopefully inspiring them to perform - to see that music is cool and you don't have to choose between sports and the arts. You can get involved in both. I try to tell students that music is such a positive way to express yourself. No matter where you are from, how you look, and what your personal beliefs are, music is a beautiful universal language. I am so honored to be part of Ball in the House. My bandmates and I are very lucky guys.

James Jones

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Due to the military life of my parents, I don't claim a hometown. Most recently from Provo, UT, graduated high school from Scranton, PA, spent the most time in Fayetteville, NC, born in Tacoma, WA. Take your pick.

I started singing when I was a kid as a method of learning to read. I started singing seriously when a scheduling error landed me in choir my senior year in high school. As part of the program, all the choir kids in the district were invited to an assembly where Boston-based vocal band, Five O'Clock Shadow, would be performing. Thus, my love for a cappella was born and also the latent desire to sing professionally.

In the years following that fateful day, I've had 3 majors, spent a total of two years in eight different countries, and worked in public schools, restaurants, dance studios, and detention centers. After getting my degree in Psychology, I decided to pursue music more aggressively and came across Ball in the House. The rest is history.



Jon Ryan

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I grew up in Boston, but was never much into music as a kid. It all changed for me back in 5th grade, when I met Dave at the Boston Boys Choir School. We studied music pretty intensely, learning to sight read, singing every day in church and other venues, and also learning to play the recorder, piano, and hand bells. Later in high school, I discovered the magic of keyboards and drum machines and took up bass as well. 

At Skidmore College, the small school setting allowed me tons of musical experience outside the classroom as I majored in music inside the classroom. This is where I got the a cappella bug in a group there (Bandersnatchers), in addition to playing in a band, piano accompanying, singing in chorus, and instrumental and vocal arranging. After graduating with music honors, I sang in various a cappella groups, including the Vineyard Sound, while teaching elementary music and piano lessons. I continued to arrange vocal music, both for my own groups, as well as others. 

I had always loved rhythm, even more than singing, but never really knew much about beatboxing until I saw Andrew Chaikin perform with the House Jacks. With his amazing performance as inspiration and wanting to perform full time myself, I started Ball in the House and worked on beatboxing until I could go for an entire show. Now here we are and I'm blessed with being able to do this for a living.

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