Make a donation of $25 or more andget the new EP download "Take Cover"!


Hi BitH Fans,

This has been a crazy year full of changes for Ball in the House, and we can' t thank you enough for your support through this transition. The voices of new members Patrick and Craig complement the BitH sound, and we have no doubt that you' ll be impressed when you hear this new version of Ball in the House, if you haven' t already.

Unfortunately, with change came the added expense of all new promotional materials, including photos, video, and website. And as many of you know, we need a new touring vehicle - badly. Whether it's the fun entertainment of a concert or the important work of our arts-in-ed outreach, we still need a way to get us and all our equipment to every show and depend on this vehicle immensely. Even with our busy schedule and hard work, all these repairs on our current bus are putting a serious drain on our time, resources, and especially finances.

We have the best fans in the world. Your support, whether attending a show or buying our merchandise, has enabled us to sustain our dream of performing full-time. Even on top of that, many of you, through Facebook, have offered financial help for our bus situation. Inspired by those comments, we' ve set up a financial contribution program so that those of you who want to help can easily contribute towards helping us defray all our new promo expenses, as well as our main goal of getting a new touring vehicle.

Contributions of ANY amount will be accepted and appreciated. As a small thank you to BitH fans who contribute $25 or more, we are offering a new EP - "Take Cover!" - for free download. It's four new studio recordings of some of our favorite covers - Ain' t No Sunshine, Let' s Stay Together, I Don' t Wanna Be, and Summer Breeze. This EP will be EXCLUSIVE to this program. A link for the download will be sent to the email address provided within 48 hrs.

For those of you willing and able to provide gifts, loans, or sponsorships in larger amounts for this project, please email us here.

If you would rather send a check, please make it out to "Ball in the House," put "BitH - FCP" in the memo, and include your email as well (for the EP). Mail to Ball in the House, 56 Granite Ave, Boston, MA 02124.

Thank you so much for your continued support. With your help and generosity, we' ll be able to continue the 2010-2011 touring season with lots of positive energy.

We look forward to seeing you all soon!

Ryan Chappelle, Dave Guisti, Patrick McCarthy, Craig Range, and Jon Ryan
Ball in the House

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